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Type S Oil Pump Conversion for K24 and K20Z3

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This package comes with everything needed to install onto your K-series engine, including already being modified to be a direct fit to your K24 and K20Z3 blocks. You will need to reuse your oil chain tensioner from your K24A. The oil pump tensioner from the K24A is the only part that is the same as the RSX.

8th gen SI K20Z3 you will need to modify your exsisting tensioner or add the RSX oil pump chain tensioner. The K20Z3 tensioner is the only US spec K20 engine that does not have the RAA piece. (13450-RAA-A02)

Comes with the following:
K20A2 oil pump
K20A2 baffle plate
K20A2 oil pump chain
K20A2 oil pump chain guide
bolts for the oil pump
bolts for the baffle plate
bolt and washer to plug oil jet on the block

**K24a2 will need a M8 x 1.25 1-inch bolt and washer**

Will not work on the K24z series engines without more modifications.