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SpeedFactory Racing Honda D15/D16 SOHC Adjustable Cam Gear

$ 139.99

Optimize your engine quickly and easily with a new SpeedFactory Racing D15/D16 Adjustable Cam Gear featuring our EZ-Dial Adjuster. With a cam timing adjustment range of +/- 10 degrees, you can dial in correct cam timing and/or tailor the power curve as desired. This is a must-have for performance engines using aftermarket camshafts or that have a cylinder head or block that has been milled or decked.  

Gone are the days of frustration trying to precisely set cam timing and repeatedly bumping the cam too far or not far enough with cumbersome movements made using the cam gear mounting bolt or crank pulley bolt - our new EZ-Dial 6mm hex key adjuster and amplified timing scale allows easy, smooth, and precise adjustments like never before!

Belt tooth profile accuracy and axial & radial runout testing showed a 25-50% improvement over OEM and competitor offerings, and FEA design process ensures a strong, balanced gear that runs true at 12k+ rpm. 

  • Precision CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum
  • Black Hard Anodized finish for maximum durability
  • Laser-etched SpeedFactory Racing logo
  • Red EZ-Dial Timing Adjuster makes precision timing adjustments quick and easy
  • True laser-etched directional markings & amplified +/-10* vernier timing scale for easy to read, accurate adjustments

    APPLICATIONS: 88-00 D-Series 1.5/1.6L SOHC engines including SOHC VTEC, NON-VTEC, and JDM variants.

  • 88-91 Honda Civic/CRX 1.5L & 1.6L D15 D16 SOHC engines
  • 92-95 Honda Civic 1.5L & 1.6L D15 D16 SOHC engines
  • 96-00 Honda Civic 1.6L D16 SOHC engines
  • 93-97 Honda Del Sol 1.5L & 1.6L SOHC engines

NOTE: Gear center ID’s have been honed post-anodizing for a precise fit onto the cam snout OD. You will also need a Honda B-Series woodruff key to complete the cam gear installation, OEM Part # 90741-657-000



1. The OEM cam gear has the Woodruff key built-in to the gear. You must use an OEM Honda Woodruff Key (Honda Part # 90741-657-000) with our adjustable cam gear (AVAILABLE HERE).

2. NEVER USE AN IMPACT GUN TO INSTALL THE CAM GEAR!!! Use a properly calibrated torque wrench and torque cam gear bolt to 23ft-lbs for aftermarket chilled cast performance camshaft (27ft-lbs for OEM camshaft). Use a small drop of removable thread locker like BLUE Loctite on the bolt.

3. Reinstall timing belt and make sure mechanical timing is correct with the engine at the TDC position.

4. You can now use the EZ-Dial Adjuster to degree in your camshaft to the desired settings.

The <-A and R-> markings at the top of the outer ring tell you that when the center & cam is rotated in the direction of the A or R arrow, you are advancing or retarding the cam. The number of degrees from zero in that direction will be read directly across from the <-A or R-> markings on the opposite side of the cam gear.

When finished, tighten the (4) 5mm Allen head locking bolts to 18 ft-lbs using a small drop of removable thread locker like BLUE Loctite on the bolts.