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SpeedFactory Spec Outlaw B Series Arias Pistons

$ 686.84


Over the years Speedfactory has been fortunate to work with Arias Pistons on designing the ultimate B Series turbo piston.  With huge HP in mind, we have changed the design of the off the shelf version to accommodate 40+ psi for extreme drag race engines.  Our design features changes to the ring pack position on the piston, thicker ring pack design, strutted skirts, & added material in the proper places that we found to be an issue on engines producing more than 1,000hp at the wheels.  The compression ratio depending on your cylinder head, gasket, rod, and stroke will range from 10.5:1-11:1 roughly with this flat top design.

The set of pistons comes with:

- 4 pistons (82mm, 83mm, 84mm, 84.5mm or 85mm)
- 4 HD wrist pins (21mm or 22mm)
- 8 CNC wrist pin buttons
- Complete set of rings for 4 pistons

The Competition Clutch Civic runs these exact pistons!  If you are looking for the strongest piston on the market for big HP, these are what you need!