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SpeedFactory Racing Titanium Cam Gear Stud Kit - B/H Series VTEC

$ 39.99

Upgrade your ugly stock cam gear mounting bolts to the SpeedFactory Racing Titanium Cam Gear Stud Kit!

As with all our titanium products, these feature high strength, low weight, and superior corrosion resistance - these will not corrode like your stock steel hardware.

SpeedFactory Racing Titanium Cam Gear Stud Kits are made of high-quality Ti 6Al-4V and incorporate a 4mm hex key tip that allows them to be easily installed using an Allen wrench. Titanium 13mm head 12-point nuts and washers are included.

Our specially designed stud with low profile nipple provides maximum depth of thread engagement inside the camshaft itself, 23% more than the OEM bolt.

This helps prevent cracking of the keyway in the end of the camshaft, and we have successfully been using them in our record setting racecars with camshafts that already had badly cracked keyways and were unusable with the OEM bolt.

These kits include the following:
(2) M10 x 1.25mm x 48mm Titanium Cam Studs
(2) 12-point M10x1.25mm Titanium Nuts
(2) M10 x 5mm Thick Titanium Cam Washers

Available in natural raw or burnt finishes.

Recommended Torque Specifications:

Titanium Stud Into Camshaft: Hand-tight

Titanium Nut On To Stud: 40-45 FT/LB.

Confirmed Fitments:
B-Series VTEC, H-Series