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SpeedFactory Racing Billet AWD B-Series 1-2 Shift Fork

$ 649.99

Aftermarket B-Series AWD specific gear set options are now available, but still suffer from the notoriously weak OEM 1/2 shift fork issue.

We have the solution you need, the SpeedFactory Racing Billet AWD B-Series 1-2 Shift Fork!

This is an all new replacement billet steel shift fork - engineered for strength, CNC machined, heat treated, & hardened to our specifications for an accurate and long lasting shift fork.

Drop in and enjoy the peace of mind knowing you can reliably shift without fear of damage or missed shifts caused by weak OEM forks or poorly modified forks with braces welded on which causes severe warping & distortion, resulting in improper slider location and related damage. 

Compatible with any existing B-Series AWD gear set (oem or aftermarket) that uses a factory style layout.