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SpeedFactory Racing Battery Location Fuel Cell - Left Hand or Right Hand Drive

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Many racers have asked us for a battery location fuel cell like the ones we run in our own FWD Outlaw and AWD cars, and we delivered!

The team at SpeedFactory Racing developed this passenger side shock tower mounted fuel cell with many performance & safety features in mind.

*Note: Right Hand Drive Version is also available, please select which version you would like at checkout.*


- Black Anodized SFR 2.5” Billet screw-on fill cap with integrated high flow roll over vent valve to ensure no vacuum or pressure build up and prevent fuel spillage in the event of an accident! This is an often-overlooked component that is important for proper performance & safety and is mounted at the highest point in the fuel cell to ensure proper operation. The anodized cap will help prevent corrosion and galling of the threads.

- Female -12AN ORB feed fitting for maximum flow to support methanol cars. Easily adaptable to any desired size feed line and eliminates having to cut off and re-weld on a new fitting if yours gets worn or damaged, or you change your feed line size! The fitting is centrally located to clear the hump in the firewall and allow you mount a -12AN pre-filter directly to the cell for ultra-efficient fuel system plumbing (see images).

- Female -10AN ORB return fitting is positioned to direct returned fuel to the outlet for superior performance when fuel level is low.

- Pre-welded mounting tab for easy installation.

- Large 1.9 gallon capacity to support thirsty turbocharged cars on methanol

- Expertly TIG welded

- Laser-cut SpeedFactory Racing badge

Tested Direct Fitments:

DC Integra (1994-2001)

EG Civic (1992-1995)

EK Civic (1996-2000)

*Will fit other Honda/Acura models with modification

**Please allow up to 14 days for manufacturing**