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Moates Honda OBD-1 ECU Test Kit/Engine Simulator

$ 239.99

This ECU Test Kit/Engine Simulator is the complete package you need to test, diagnose and repair Honda OBD1 ECUs. The board is developed by the legendary company Moates, and is the latest revision of their engine simulator. Burton Racing has developed this kit to be complete with brand new wiring harness and two power adapters (one wall adapter, one USB). With two power adapters you have the flexibility of testing ECUs, not only in a shop environment or bench top, but also while in the field to instantly help diagnose issues.

"It supplies the signals from the distributor and many sensors so that an ECU can be fooled into thinking it has a functioning, running engine connected when it is safely on the bench. Controls are simple: on/off switches and knobs to adjust values up and down. Outputs like injectors, ignition control module (ICM) and solenoids can be observed via LEDs. This provides a means for testing ECUs outside of a vehicle and observing many common faults such as damaged injector drivers, fuel pump drivers and distributor VR sensor amplifier damage."

*Kit includes one board, one harness extension (2 feet), one wall power adapter and one USB power adapter*

*ECU not included*