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JWT Stage 3 K Series Circle Track Head Package

$ 1,475.00


This is one of our hottest sellers! Whether combing with a built bottom end or utilizing a stock bottom end, this is the kit most are running in their K series with great success. We normally yield anywhere from 250-260hp on stock bottom end K24's and even more on built bottom ends depending on the setup. For the straight K20 guys this kit still yields 240-250hp. If you would like to combine this kit along with a built bottom end and need the parts for that, we can help you get those parts as well just send us a message! Check out the pictures of the dyno graphs for reference to results with us tuning the setup as well on stock bottom and built bottom end carsKit includes the following :

(1) set of Stage 3 cams

(1) set of dual valve springs, retainers, and valve spring seats

(1) set of keepers

(1) set of exhaust valve stem seals

(1) set of intake valve stem seals