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JWT Manual 02-05 2.2L Ecotec "SEHA" ECU Mail In Option

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Use this link if you are going to mail in your own ECU to get the goods! This will be for the JWT manual 02-05 Ecotec file for use in "SEHA" cars with the 2.2L required to utilize the stock intake, header, and throttle body. Dyno proven results that speak for themselves at the track! Address is below for your mail in, and price will include return shipping back to you. Be sure to put a note in the box with your order number or print out the purchase page and include it in the box please!

Jason Waters

2711 Old Federal Road South

Chatsworth, GA 30705

If you do not have an ECU to mail in for a tune, no problem we keep cores in stock ready to go with our tune already on them for your convenience that can be purchased here: 

JWT Manual 02-05 2.2L Ecotec "SEHA" ECU – Jason Waters Tuning