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JWT/DM Cavalier/Sunfire Safety Hub

$ 470.00


The JWT/DM safety hubs are here! This is a new design of the right rear Cavalier/Sunfire hub assembly. The new design uses one single bearing with a bigger shaft diameter that will eliminate the chance of bending or breaking the end of the spindle off. This kit also uses a sealed bearing, so you don’t have to grease the bearings any longer. All hubs come preassembled. The torque spec on the 7/8" nut is 170ft lbs. A 1 5/16" socket is needed to tighten the nut. We recommend constant checking of this nut from race to race to eliminate chances of issues on the track. Maintenance is to a minimal, keep nut to torque spec and jack up right rear and feel tire make sure there’s no slop or play! The components in this kit are :

(1) hub with the 5x100 bolt pattern

(1) spindle

(5) wheel studs

(1) sealed bearing

(1) snap ring

(1) hardened normal washer

(1) nord lock washer

(1) pinch nut

*Note : If using right rear brakes, 1989 to 1991 Dodge Caravan brake drum and shoes will be needed to utilize this hub!