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JWT Dirt Track Fuel System Kit

$ 1,370.00


This kit will provide everything you need for the fuel system on your race car aside from wiring the fuel pump, buying injectors if needed, and putting fuel in! Everything in this kit will be compatible with all fuels legal to run in the SCDRA. Please make sure to answer questions in the drop-down menus to ensure we get you the proper things for your setup. Included is the following:

(1) 20FT Vibrant 6AN PTFE Fuel Line and (12) Vibrant 6AN PTFE Fuel Line Fittings

(1) In tank fuel pump OR (1) in line fuel pump along with install kit and proper fittings to make 6AN

(1) 6AN Fuel Lab or Alpha 100 micron or smaller fuel filter (only needed when running inline pump, add $155)

(1) 6AN Fuel Lab or Alpha10 micron or smaller fuel filter

(1)  6AN Fuel Lab or Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator with 6AN fittings

(1) Fuel Rail with 6AN Fittings (Please select for which engine in drop down menu)

(1) Fuel Pressure Gauge

(2) 6AN bulkhead fittings (only needed for stock hangar/tank, add $30 and must modify your stock hangar for the bulkhead fittings)