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ECU Mail In Socketing/Chipping Service with basemap included

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Use this checkout if you would like to send in your OBD-1 ecu for chipping services. This is like our socketing service but also includes a basemap chip in the ecu also.

Ecu's that can be serviced are - P05 / P06 / P28 / P30 (USDM only) P61 / P72 (USDM only) P75 

If you would like to have your non-vtec ECU converted to VTEC please add that via drop down box. 

PWM kit install can also be added. 

*** Please mail in the ECU to the address below and include your printed order form or note in the box with order number.

Jason Waters Tuning 

2711 Old Federal Rd South

Chatsworth, GA 30705 


Basemaps are calculated maps and settings based on previously tuned vehicles or what I believe the vehicle will like for that given setup.  No two setups will be the same, even with identical parts. Each vehicle should be fully tuned to ensure safety and performance. Basemaps are only designed to run the car well enough to get you to a tuner. Being that so many variables can throw a car off, I can not guarantee anything about the operation or safety of the vehicle when driving on a basemap. Will make basemaps for common map sensors such as stock or the Omni/Hondata/SpeedFactory 3 or 4 bars.  I have tuned a wide variety of engine setups both N/A and turbo over the years so you  can feel comfortable with my basemap getting your vehicle up and running to a tuner.


ATTENTION: Every car needs full tuning this is merely the starting point. Thanks!


Please include your engine/vehicle details in the notes during checkout or email me at jwaterstuning@hotmail.com at time of purchase.

         - Engine :

         - Engine details :

         - Injector Size and Brand :

         - Fuel Pump Size :

         - What fuel :

         - Turbo or N/A :

         - Exhaust Setup :

         - Turbo :

         - Year & Model of the car this will be going into :

         - Any other info for this basemap :

         - Rev limit you desire :

         - Launch control (must have working speed sensor) :

         - CEL shiftlight rpm :


All ECU's are 100% tested on engine simulator before shipping and guaranteed to function perfectly.

Don't let the "radio hack" destroy your ECU, lifting traces permanently damaging them. I have been doing this for 6+ years and have nothing but good customer feedback. When you buy chipped ECU's off the street or your local facebook page, you have no idea what you are getting. Feel good knowing you are getting quality solder work with a guarantee when you have your ECU chipped by me.