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Ecu Diag for obd1 and K series honda ecus

$ 34.99

We test and repair a TON of ecus weekly. If we are able to repair the ecu, we discount this diag fee 50%, and proceed with repairing the ecu after you approve and pay the updated invoice. We have an engine simulator for bench testing obd1 honda ecus fully. K series ecus we have limited capabilities but are able to power up, test flash and log. We can do kpro swaps/installs and ktuner installs in house. 

Address is below for your mail in, and price will include return shipping back to you. Be sure to put a note in the box with your order number or print out the purchase page and include it in the box please! Include details on what the ecu is doing or what problem you think it has. Thanks! 

Jason Waters

2711 Old Federal Road South

Chatsworth, GA 30705