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Ecotec Long Tube Header

$ 239.99


Long tube Ecotec header. Brand new, tig welded, CNC machined flange, with polished finish surface. Direct bolt on for some models, but will require a little clearancing on cavaliers, and using a cobalt water pipe (this is pretty common for people running this style header already but very easy). Direct bolt on for cobalts. All necessary hardware, bolts, and gaskets included.  We’ve made really good power with these on multiple built ecotec engines. No we don’t recommend this on your stock 2.2, but if you have a 2.4VVT car, 2.4 with cams, or built engines, you will see gains over the short/mid length stuff out there. Back to back comparisons we’ve done vs a pace setter and manzo were very good in this headers favor. Gaining ballpark 10whp with only a header change on a stock bottom end 2.4 with comp 400s.